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Baltix GNU/Linux is a GNU/Linux distribution, based on Debian and Ubuntu aimed to be a complete, user-friendly operating system for people, living in the Baltic region (mainly for Lithuanians and Latvians). Additional supported languages are Russian, English, Polish, Estonian, Norwegian and others near and around the Baltic region. The main language is Lithuanian (at least for now).

Main desktop environment is GNOME, additionally little resource concuming desktop environment is included (currently LXDE, maybe will include Equinox Desktop Environment or Enlightentment - E17, from Elbuntu project). Baltix GNU/Linux has pretty long history (older than Ubuntu, first public versions released in 2003), the very first versions were based on Knoppix, then Morphix framework was used and at last Ubuntu technology was choosen for LiveCD. Despite of changes in startup and installation technologies Baltix is always distributed as an installable Live CD with user-friendly graphical installer (0.8.x and 1.x versions additionally have text-mode debian-installer).

Currently (2006-2008) Baltix GNU/Linux is the best sold GNU/Linux distro in Lithuania (Baltix in Lithuanian shops appeared in 2003 with small book "Acquaintance with Linux", now people can buy cheap Baltix GNU/Linux CDs at many Lithuanian computer shops )

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Baltix GNU/Linux misstion is very similar to the Ubuntu mission, but is limited to the Baltic states:

  1. A majority of the PCs for sale in Baltic states should include free (libre) software like Baltix, or Ubuntu.

  2. Popular Free software (e.g., Ubuntu, Baltix, The GIMP, Mozilla/Firefox, etc) should be marketed in a way such that its amazing features and benefits would be apparent and known by all.

  3. Popular free software, including operating system, shall become so user friendly, that people will don't need any instructions or phone support to start use free software.
  4. Majority of local computer shops and bookstores should sell free operating systems, free software and books about this software.


  • Easy and right away ready for majority of Lithuanian, Latvian and Russian home/office users (no need to install additionaly software for multimedia support or office work, e.g. spelling dictionaries or templates)
  • Posibility to run software, compiled for Windows OS
  • Posibility to work comfortable on older computers (starting from 64 MB RAM and 200 mhz CPU), little resourses consuming desktop environment is included (currently LXDE)
  • Comfortable for computer manufacturers (Baltix 0.8.x and 1.x) has a noninteractive automatic installation (autoinstall) feature - OS can be installed into computer in about 10 minutes without user intervention.

Baltix goals in Lithuanian are described in this bugreport -

Collaboration Focuses

Main collaboration goal is to improve Ubuntu usability (especially in installation and hardware/internet connection configuration), also Lithuanian/Latvian language support. Also very interesting in noninteractive automatic installation (autoinstall without user intervention) feature for computer manufacturers (OEM mode).



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