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Quickly is a tool for creating applications based on templates. There's always more work we can do to make it better and keep pace with the platform.


Ubuntu is focused on opportunistic developer to create quick and fun apps for its platform.

User stories

Jono don't want to bother about manually pushing an SSH/GPG key to Launchpad, creating a PPA, or signing the CoC.

Brian wants quickly edit to use all the needed options for developing, but doesn't want to clutter his gedit environment when only writing a note.

Chris doesn't want to use Quickly on the command line.

Elaine wants to use Quickly to develop for Fedora.

Jill wants to use Quickly to develop a library that can be used by more than just Python apps.



  • Tighter Launchpad integration
    • Push GPG key
    • Push SSH key
    • Sign CoC
    • Create PPA
  • Dynamic gedit plugin activation

Tread Water

  • Port to PyGI (Python Gobject Introspection)
  • Port to GTK+ 3
  • Add optional libunity support (ala current optional indicator support)

New Work

  • Integrate with at least one IDE
    • Keep it simple first iteration, just to find changes we'd need to make to have this be easy
  • Add a Fedora/RPM template
    • Make it easier to write such templates (could stand to refactor template code a bit)
  • Add a Vala library template

Discussion Topics

  • Who would be interested in Fedora template?
    • Need to find stakeholder
  • Which IDE?
    • Anjuta
    • Eclipse
  • Migration to PyGI and GTK+ 3 is not automatic
    • 'upgrade' warning?

Notes from UDS


Action Items



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