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  • Chris Cheney (calc) - attending to workmen at new house
  • Martin Pitt (pitti) - honeymoon
  • Amit Kucheria (amitk) - travel back from ubuntu mobile sprint


  1. Roll call
    • Apologies
    • Introduce new starters (if any)
  2. Review agenda
    • Review activity reports
    • Propose additional items
    • Accept agenda
  3. (Keybuk) Team Meetings
    • Public meeting time (and rotation)?
    • Do we want to continue weekly whole-team meetings? If so, time (and rotation)
    • Sub-team meetings
  4. (Riddell) GTK/GDK/GLib recently broke for apps which didn't call the relevant init() function. This broke flash in konqueror and opera, acroread and openoffice. openoffice and konqueror can be fixed (although it adds a depends on gtk), but opera flash and acroread obviously can't. Upstream consider this unimportant because it's NOTGNOME, can we persuade them that changing API is unacceptable?
  5. (Riddell) can we get sun java licence debconf accept pre-seeded in the buildds to allow for Jambi and other packages that need to build-dep on it?
  6. (Riddell) when do we expect to have a release manager starting?
  7. (Riddell) do we want another tribe next week?
  8. (doko) component mismatches hinder package builds; the list currently is too long. need to fix them now, or else packages cannot be used and tested. for many packages we don't have even MIR.
  9. (doko) same thing for build failures. These should be fixed so that packages can be tested.
  10. (doko) lpia testing using the live CD, how and when?
  11. Actions from previous meeting
  12. Release readiness update
  13. Reminder: SoC mentor questionnaires to be done by mentors by friday

1. Other business

  1. Reviewers meeting (non-reviewers are excused)

New Starters

Activity Reports

Adilson Oliveira (adilson)

* Continuing process of adding applications to lpia. * Preparation and travel to Mobile Sprint. * Attending sprint sessions.

Alexander Sack (asac)

  • thunderbird security updates on dapper/edgy/feisty
  • upload enigmail update to security archives of dapper/edgy/feisty, to fix thunderbird (unicode) regression in a previous security upload.
  • firefox/mofo: preparation for mofo gutsy patch review; in turn I did some patch cleanup and documentation improvements; next step: finish documentation + open bugs for not yet forwarded issues + submitting for review.
  • hildonizing midbrowser: the hildon xpcom component has initial working code in git; current features: 1. tracking topmost/active window; 2. matchbox menu events are properly dispatched to Listeners associated with a DOM element that belongs to the current topmost window; next: prepare and upload new release to gutsy.
  • xulrunner 1.9 ... good news: we now have a complete xulrunner based browser stack for trunk in mozillateam bzr. firefox-trunk deb is down to ~1MB size \o/. Lots of credits go to Fabien Tassin who worked a lot on this.
  • lpia/gcc-4.2 + mozillas; trying to setup a reduced testcase for gcc hidden #pragma problems we see in mozillas; no real results so far.

Amit Kucheria (amitk)


Arne Götje

  • fixed some newbie issues with the packaging of the new version of ttf-dejavu and submitted the fixed package
  • got in touch with the ttf-indic-fonts maintainers in debian to get their opinion about preferred indic fonts and package splitting. Discussion is still going on.
  • played around with gfxboot to produce better fonts for the boot menu, sent the outcome to cjwatson for review
  • CJK-Unifonts:
    • prepared the skeleton for a free Heiti font
    • tried to fix some CJK font issues in Ubuntu by modifying defoma hints and fontconfig configuration.

Brian Murray (bdmurray)

Bug triaging

  • requesting gutsy testing for linux-source-2.6.20 bugs
  • triaging of linux-source-2.6.22 bugs

BugSquad work

  • update of wiki news


  • approved 2 Ubuntu QA team application
  • QA team call
  • launchpad changes discussion
  • spoke with cr3 regarding vmware images of gutsy

Bryce Harrington (bryce)

  • Reviewed xorg-server backfix candidates and began testing
  • Triaging / followup on xorg/xorg-server bugs
  • -ati packaging & evaluation for UVF exception

  • Displayconfig-Gtk
    • Fixed several bugs, triaged more
    • Integrated bulletproof-x changes to bzr
  • Bulletproof-X: Troubleshooting of the gdm restart bug

Chris Cheney (calc)

  • tested 2.3.0~oog680m2
  • libsvg and libvigraimpex MIRs were approved
  • Wrote libwpg MIR
  • Bug triage
  • Installed Ubuntu amd64 to better test problems

Daniel Holbach (dholbach)

Mobile Sprint.

Evan Dandrea (evand)


  • Discussion on migrating wubi installed systems to a real partition with the wubi developers.
  • Merged more changes from mythbuntu, pushed a new Ubiquity release.


  • The migration-assistant page can now be skipped in automatic mode.
  • Progress information during preseed processing in automatic mode.


  • Packaged gobuntu-artwork.

Ian Jackson (iwj)


  • autopkgtest improvements. It files bugs automatically now. The reports for forwarding to LP were piling up so I decided manual processing was going to take too long, and the hit rate for genuine bugs is high enough now. Any complaints/comments? Swamped with bot mail? Talk to me :-).
  • dpkg-triggers Support for reflexive triggers. update-initramfs now uses a reflexive trigger. Working on ldconfig triggers libc patch (currently building;thanks are due to doko for his help)
  • cryptsetup Investigating fixing this up so it can go in main.
  • Disk-full testing: Forward-ported my patch to current libc, now building (again).
  • CD testing for Tribe 5.
  • Miscellaneous bugfixing.
  • A few MIRs

Jonathan Riddell (Riddell)


  • tribe release management
  • SoC final questionnaire
  • packaged updated KDEPIM enterprise
  • arranging travel to UDS
  • archive admin
  • UVF exception reviews
  • add back postgres support to koffice
  • fix paths in casper for desktop setup scripts I added
  • testing dist upgrade tool


  • tribe 6 release management
  • fix dist upgrade/adept integration

Kees Cook (keescook)

  • Security Updates
    • published kde{base,libs} update (USN-502-1)
    • published thunderbird update (USN-503-1)
    • reviewed/built/tested/published emacs21 update (USN-504-1)
    • reviewed/built/tested/published vim update (USN-505-1)
    • built/tested/published tar update (USN-506-1)
    • published enigmail update (USN-469-2)
    • reviewed/tested dapper kernel update
    • reviewed edgy and feisty kernel updates
    • built/tested/published tcp-wrappers update (USN-507-1)
  • Magic Fun Goodness
    • USN database and template tool tweaking
  • Sponsoring
    • xorg review (bryce)
    • vim, php5 reviews (soren)
  • Misc
    • vnc4 finally fixed for full session management
    • python-launchpad-bugs updated for some LP 1.1.8 changes
    • cups-pdf fixed for non-local CUPS client configs

Kenneth Wimer (kwwii)


  • first mobile test theme ready
  • looked into hildon-theme-tools
  • discussed hildon-theme-tools with Michael from Nokia, next week going through the whole process of building a theme and documenting said process
  • created two new wallpaper ideas for Ubuntu
  • lots of discussion with artwork community
  • talked with several good artists I've met recently about working on Ubuntu wallpaper and other artwork. A few proposals coming very soon
  • creating new color scheme to match new kubuntu wallpaper colors

Kyle McMartin (kylem)


  • dapper security upload
  • travel arrangements
  • gutsy review
  • alsa debugging

Martin Pitt (pitti)

On Leave.

Mathias Gug (mathiaz)

* Developer :

  • AppArmor: generate dhclient profile.

  • Install and test vmware instances on montreal vmware server.
  • Meeting :
    • write ubuntu-server meeting minutes.
  • Packager :
    • AppArmor: update to upstream svn.

    • write a MIR for drac (build-dep of dovecot).
    • apply to become a MOTU.
  • Tester :
    • look into hwdb-client and smolt to cover server hardware testing.
  • Triager :
    • triage bug: apache2, apparmor, bind9, dovecot, samba.

Matthias Klose (doko)


  • lpia: another ~25 fixed/adopted packages for lpia. bootstrapped opensp myself with two uploads. now anthing is built except for general build failures and OOo (which will be built for the next upload). fixed OOo for lpia.
  • fixed some general build failures.
  • worked with asac to get firefox/thunderbird be built with g++-4.2.
  • re-merged and fixed sip4-qt3, python-qt*, python-kde*, which were originally merged in such a bad quality that make me think of uploading rights for main ... did cost me a lot of one day.
  • toolchain: final binutils-2.18, glibc sparc fix, glibc merge from debian, gcc-* updates to fix lp reports and call apport on ICEs.
  • buildd administration: the usual give backs, one soyuz bug report.
  • icedtea: small package updates, forwarded patches upstream, cared about contribution agreement, emailed issues upstream, started writing debian/copyright (40 third party packages/licenses ...)
  • some weekend fun: updated gpc to build from gcc-4.1 sources, get gdc.4,1 into the distribution.


  • new icedtea snapshot

Michael Vogt (mvo)


  • new git snapshots based on compiz-0.6/fusion-0.6.0 for compiz, libcompizconfig, libcompizconfig-backend-gtk, compizconfig-python, compizconfig-settings-manager, plugins-main, plugins-extra (bzr is more fun than git)
  • tried to find out more about compiz + glxgears (or any other 3d app) make the xserver crash problem (no luck yet :/)


  • transition to LP work and created propper tests for the code that rewrites sources.list


  • lots of triage
  • fixes in update-notifier, g-a-i, python-apt, apt testsuite, update-manager


  • updated command-not-found database to current gutsy
  • work on the archive-crawler that extracts desktop files and command-not-found data
  • preparing UDS/allhands travel
  • merge debian apt changes into ubuntu branch

Pedro Villavicencio Garrido (pedro)

  • Ubuntu Desktop Bugs triaging.
  • Triaging of bugs without a package.
  • CD testing for Tribe 5.
  • Phone call with Henrik.

Phillip Lougher (pkl)


  • Kernel
    • VMware patches
    • CVE triage and kernel integration
    • Feisty security release.
  • Misc
    • on vacation 23 Aug and 24 Aug
    • UK holiday 27 Aug

Rick Clark (dendrobates)

  • Contacted libpam-ldap and libnss-ldap Debian maintainer
  • Discussed libpam-ldap and libnss-ldap with upstream developer
  • Server community meeting
  • Reviewed Server strategic plan
  • Reviewed packages for which the Server team is bug contact
  • Tested vmware setup in Montreal
  • Recruiting tasks

Sebastien Bacher (seb128)

  • desktop bug triage
  • GNOME 2.19.91 updates and sponsoring
  • fixed some bugs
  • archive admin work
  • added some desktop packages to bzr on launchpad, updated wiki documentation, replied to previous mails about it
  • merged pidgin binary split from Debian
  • fixed retracer issue

Søren Hansen (soren)

  • Catch up on 4k e-mails from holiday. Whew!
  • Lots of bug triaging and fixing (mostly php5 and samba)
  • vim merge
  • Made travel arrangements to/from UDS/Allhands
  • Fixed a few feisty->gutsy upgrade failures

Till Kamppeter (tkamppeter)

  • Investigation of using a CUPS USB backend which works without the "usblp" kernel module, trying to solve bug 35638, bug 113640, and bug 135044
  • Fixed several bugs in system-config-printer upstream and packaged the resulting version 0.7.73: bug 132735, bug 132652, bug 134427, and bug 129222
  • Answered bug reports.

Tim Gardner (rtg)


  • General
    • Bug triage
  • Kernel
    • Misc community patches.
    • added p54 to Gutsy l-u-m
    • merge
    • Edgy (security) release.

Tollef Fog Heen (tfheen)


  • Held weekly #ubuntu-mobile meeting.
  • Travel to Boston for mobile sprint.
  • Mobile sprint in Boston, working partially on getting other people up to speed, partially on getting bits from Intel merged from and uploaded into gutsy.
  • Work on fixing up ume-config-* packages and refactoring common bits into ume-config-common.



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