Building a package

Send a source package to Souyz:

  • go unapproved and wait for acceptance by archive-admin if freeze period. If not accepted -> Rejected (no queue)

  • the source go to NEW and wait in it is a SOURCE NEW if a completed new package (that is to say, sources are also new). Checked by an archive-admin. If not accepted -> Rejected

  • Accepted and queued for build
  • build (source package get status DONE)

  • the binaries go to NEW if it is a BINARY NEW (and not a SOURCE NEW), that is to say that one of the resulting build package is new (for instance, case when we split a source package in different binaries package for the first time). In the case the regular binary will be published (for instance foo source package give foo binary and foo-new), even if foo-new is waiting its acceptance, the foo binary is available at the repo (same for debian, wait for an ack of an archive maintainer (ubuntu) / ftp-master (debian))

  • and finally published (source and binaries) status done.

Build status

  • chroot problem: unable to build successfully the chroot environment (network issue, upload making libc inconsistent...)
  • build for superseeded source: build will never be done as a new version is available at upload
  • Dependency waiting: wait for build depends missing



If FTBFS a mail is sent, MOTU can ask for a new try called "giving-back". Example: archive is down, or a library is not published already and Soyuz believes it is not available...

=> Warning: archives have the source package that doesn't build and the binary one is the older.

Building it again uploading new package

To be able to rebuild it (even changing auto-dependencies with dh_shlibdeps, that is to say even without changing any file, this is called no-change rebuild) the version need to be changed:

  • YUbuntu(X++) if UbuntuX exists (so that the archives and apt system will be able to diffuse it)
  • YBuild1 if UbuntuX does not exist (no split from Debian) to be able to merge automatically when will sync again from debian.


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