Dimitris Kalamaras

Email: <dimitris.kalamaras AT ΧΧΧ DOT gr>

Hello, people!

  • Name: Dimitris Kalamaras
  • Nickname: oxy
  • IRC: jimakos @ irc.freenode
  • Studies: BSc in Mathematics, MSc Computational Mathematics
  • Occupation: Math Teacher, former editor in the Greek "Linux Format" magazine.

  • Years in Linux: 8
  • Distros used so far: SUSE 9/10/10.x/11, Mandrake 8.2/9.1/10.0/200X, Red Hat 6/7.x, Fedora 4/5/6/7/8/9, Ubuntu Hoary/Dapper/Edgy/Gutsy/Hardy, Debian Sarge/Etch/Lenny
  • Distros using now: Sidux, openSUSE, Ubuntu
  • Hates: lies, bugs.
  • Loves: Helen.
  • Daily coffee intake: 2-3 greek coffees.
  • Free Software developer: "Social Networks Visualiser", using Qt4.

  • Main interests:
    1. Social Networks Analysis
    2. Programming (C++/Qt)
    3. Listening music (Classic Rock (Floyd, Eloy, Camel) - Heavy Metal (Sepultura, Maiden))

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