The Documentation Team held a planned meeting at #ubuntu-meeeting on the June 16th, 2005 @ 22:00UTC.


The Summary will be available at DocumentationTeamMeetingSummary5


Please refer to the message sent to ubuntu-doc & ubuntu-devel.

  • Review status of documents for Breezy targets:

  • Completion of the Style Guide and how to adopt it into our existing and future documents
  • Create roadmap for future docteam - developer - community relations in future projects with the help of the Community Council
  • Fix process for granting SVN access rights to new members
  • Revisit doc planning and release. These issues were discussed at previous meetings, but as yet no decisions have been made. See the "Phases of documents" section on DocumentationTeamMeetingSummary3.

  • Add more agenda entries here

Issues to be discussed with Community Council and Developers

  • Yelp limitations - To overcome limitations with yelp and to support KHelpcenter we have thought of transforming help documents to HTML intead of shipping DocBook XML. Yelp or any browser can be used to access the documents.

  • Documentation to be accessible via web browser when invoking About Ubuntu in Gnome.
  • Kubuntu help center - clean up entries in khelpcenter and have Kubuntu documentation highlighted.
  • Docteam web portal - we have outlined plans of having a documentation portal with Apache Lenya that we expect to lower the entry barrier and learning curve for potential documentation contributors not familiar with DocBook XML. This was not possible. It was decided that we would use for review and for realeased docs

  • Port wiki docs - we would like to port a number of stable docs from wiki to docbook. Need a list of such docs and process for managing the port and subsequent update of such documents. See here: ./doc

  • Forum relationship - we need to bring the forum and documentation team closer together, and dispell entirely any idea that there is some kind of war or competition between the two mediums. Great work has been done already here: ./forum


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