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I have just recently started using Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn), and I have to say that I have fallen in love with the operating system and the community that supports it! I had previously been a hard core Windows fanatic since I purchased my first real computer (not counting Commodore 64 Smile :-) ) back in 1992! That was Microsoft's Windows for Workgroups 3.11, and I stuck with Windows through all the flavors until Windows XP came out, and then Mr. Bill and his crew started talking about Vista's released!

I have to admit that my love affair with Windows was slowly diminishing through each new release, and by the time XP came along I was pretty sick of Windows and Mr Bill altogether! It got to the point that I was either going to give up using my computer completely, or I had to find another way that didn't involve Microsoft's bloated and over-rated software! It was around this time that my brother had given me a disk with Ubuntu Live CD on it!

I must admit that when I first received the disk from my brother, I had just tossed it onto the shelf above my computer, with all the other disks of software that I had no plans of ever seeing again! My own little software “graveyard” if you will! The reason being is that I had heard all the horror stories about Unix/Linux, how unfriendly and difficult they were if you didn't happen to be a guru, and I just assumed that the stories I had heard were true!

But when Microsoft launched Vista and I saw that I had to buy a new computer if I wanted to use it my choices were limited all of a sudden! I couldn't justify buying a new computer at this time just to use a new flavor of Microsoft when I was already sick of them to start with! So I reached above my computer, and with shaking and perspiring hands, I grabbed hold of the disk with Ubuntu on it! And the rest as they say was history! I fell instantly in-love with Ubuntu and it's philosophy, as well as the whole Linux/Open-Source world in which I now found myself walking through!

I borrowed a book on Linux from my brother, and went to my local library and checked out almost every book they had on Unix/Linux, and I started to voraciously consume all the information I could find on the subject! That included all the man and info pages I could find on my computer, as well as all the wonderful sources of information I have found on the Internet!

Then I joined any mailing list or forum I could find on the topic of Unix/Linux, and found out about all the great IRC channels covering the topic, which I now log each one on a 24/7/365 schedule for the personal library I am developing! I am also trying to teach myself a few programming languages to become more involved than I can at this point in my journey!

I think that just about wraps up my experience so far with this great new world I find myself exploring, but if you would like to contact me I will leave my contact information below!

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