EdgyEft is the Ubuntu release succeeding DapperDrake and preceding FeistyFawn, released on October 26, 2006. See the EdgyReleaseSchedule

The "edgy" repository was opened shortly after the release of Dapper.
The name EdgyEft was announced in the mailing lists by MarkShuttleworth.

Edgy goals were taken from those in Launchpad's Blueprint tool at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+specs and have been moved to https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/edgy/+specs

The development wiki pages are archived here:




The main page and repository of the Ubuntu artwork team for Edgy.


What's on the agenda for Ubuntu artwork? Participants can find information here.


Feature suggestions for Edgy

Knot Release Notes

The MarketingTeam created graphical release notes for each Knot release. They are archived here:

Knot 1 - Released
Knot 2 - Released
Knot 3 - Released
Beta - Released
RC - Released

Current Contact: CoreyBurger


Kubuntu Knot 1 - Released
Kubuntu Knot 2 - Released
Kubuntu Knot 3 - Released
Kubuntu Beta - Released
Kubuntu RC - Released

Current Contact: RichJohnson

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