Eduard Gotwig

W00T My name is Eduard Gotwig, I'm 17 years old, and live in Germany.

I am currently going to the b.i.b International College in Bergisch Gladbach, to study computer science.

I just finished my first semester and try to spend nearly all my free time (especially in my holidays) for developing Open Source Software.

In 2009-2011 I focused more on administration with Linux based operating systems, and experienced a lot with Slackware® and LFS.

I am trying to spend nearly all my free time (especially in my holidays) for developing and maintaining Open Source Software.

That's not only Ubuntu. I also contributed a lot to The elementary Project (I wrote the first version of all their build scripts for elementary Jupiter,packaged some stuff), and distro independent applications.

Now I see that its more important to go upstream.

Not only because of that, but also because of the really awesome opportunities of independent hardware and software programming that Ubuntu Linux offers their developers (for free), I came back to Ubuntu, to go upstream.

I translate Projects into German (PlayOnLinux website, Ubuntu Manual, Ubuntu etc.), report different bugs, commit patches, and try to help sometimes on the German wiki at and the English wiki.

I am mostly known for my cooking lens for Ubuntu Unity:

Newest version of my cooking lens (unstable)

Article about it at OMG! Ubuntu!

Please see a detailed list of my contributions and activities on Launchpad.

Summary of contributions to Ubuntu

My contributions to ubuntu-based systems:

Current focus

I am currently focused on learning the Ubuntu Unity API, and developing my cooking lens for Ubuntu 12.04. Working on my Gourmet Recipe Manager scope.

Plans for future

  • Deploy software via Ubuntu Software Center
  • Promote Ubuntu (in college)
  • Fill the Ubuntu environment with new software
  • Go more into Unity development
  • Learn Vala
  • Fix 5 bugs a day Smile :-)

Contacts and links

Eduard Gotwig on Launchpad

Ubuntuusers Wiki Account

Ubuntuusers Account

Gotwig @

My (German) homepage



IRC: gotwig @


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Eduard has been quite active in Unity discussions for some time now. His Cooking lens, which has gathered quite a bit of buzz, really pushed the envelope of what can be done with the Dash. I enjoy working with him and look forward to seeing what cool new things he'll be producing in the future. -- mhall119 2012-04-06 18:44:05

Edurard is an enjoyable person and an enthusiastic developer. His dedication to the creation of innovative Unity lenses is an inspiration and will probably bring more developers in the Dash. I think he is a great addition to the Ubuntu community. -- davidc3


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