Policy for Ubuntu Education Groups in Launchpad


The Ubuntu Education Groups in Launchpad are Fragmented

The good news about launchpad is that anyone can create a group. The bad news is that often groups are created that do not really have a distinct purpose.

Also a lot of the time there is an initial burst of enthusiasm from the creator of a new group, and when there is little activity, the group becomes a dead limb, which does not make for a coordinated effort, or help a new person looking to get involved.

Tidy & Prune Exercise

At the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Boston, October 2007, we formalised a spec to tidy and prune the existing groups. We are currently discussing this in the weekly meetings.

While we do not want to be overly prescriptive about the usage of Launchpad, the community members at the edubuntu weekly meetings have agreed that the policy below is reasonable and useful.

Existing groups owners and members will shortly recieve an email directing them to this page, asking them to get their group up to par, and to provide the profile information and descriptions requested below.

Before the end of January 2008, we will go through the groups and their requested profile information one-by-one at the Wednesday weekly edubuntu meeting to agree which groups are active and effective, and which are not.

1. Group Description is Useful

All groups must have a useful description in their overview

2. Team Owner is Contactable

The Team Owner for a group must have a working contact address in their launchpad profile

  • It is frustrating if you cannot interact directly with a group owner for queries

3. Group Overview Ubuntu Wiki Page

All Groups must have an overview Ubuntu Wiki Page

  • The group must have a high level overview wiki page ideally fit under the structure:
  • Groups are welcome to have a full "home page" elsewhere, and if so, include this as a link on the group overview page
  • The overview wiki page should cover the following information
    • the aim of the group
    • the proposed activities and how these support the aims
    • an overview of any meetings they hold, real or virtual
    • profile of a typical group member
    • how others could get involved
  • Again Ubuntu Students offers a good example

General Comments

* (LaserJock) It would be better to push Teams rather than Launchpad teams. Most teams do not need a launchpad team. If you are only listing members and organizing then a wiki page is probably a better way to go. LP teams should be used for functional purposes like hosting code, PPAs, or permissions. So the emphasis should be on team building, and if necessary creating a Launchpad team. That should keep the number of LP teams to a reasonable level.


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