2011-05-25 to 2011-05-28 Cairo ICT 2011 Event Report

About Cairo ICT

In a gathering of the biggest ICT leaders, experts, and players in Egypt, we participated in Cairo ICT 2011 as an Ubuntu LoCo team, to introduce the people with open source technologies and free software especially Ubuntu and to try to make use of this big event.


  • When:

    From 25th of May to 28th of May 2011


    Cairo International Conference Center


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People reports

Mohamed El Feky

I just wanted to post my Report for the team ...as i participated in the First Day in CairoICT ...and i think we did great due too the available resources ..So Let's Begin: I Arrived at 12.00 pm and waited for the rest of team members to come over .....i think we were nine at the first Day ....invitations were with Ahmed Negm ...and he delivered them to us so we can Enter (Big thank you). After Finishing Registration Process (Not Easy at all)...we went to Hall 4 so we can find "Fixed Solutions" Booth ......and a big surprise ...T-shirts didn't Arrive yet ....So we took a small tour in the place ...and Rest of the team started organizing papers and CD's that we will work with .... One hour later we Started touring as teams in the 4 halls ..my Team was (Me,Islam and Mahmoud Fawzy)....T-shirts Effect was Great....every one uses Ubuntu or have intention to do so was very happy ...First Question every one kept asking ...Do you have a Booth here ?!!as reps for UBUNTU ... We started to tell people about our activities and giving them flyers,Taking their contacts(As i sent them to you Earlier)....Some companies actually asked us about providing constant Technical Support (XEROX representative)....We also took some photos for our activities with visitors and exhibitors (Strange thing that exhibitors were more interested). One of the nice things that happened was about MSP(Microsoft Student Rep) that was asking about how to Join the Group...a thing that Delighted me really....and one another who installed Ubunutu 11.04 on his machine while were explaining to him the O.S(Egyptian Post -Mr.Mohamed ElGaafary). and I think that was the end of the first Day. Contact List still available if you still need me to send it again Images are also available on my wall on Facebook http://facebook.com/reve99

Thanks Islam Wazeery and Mahmoud Fawzy I really Enjoyed my exhausting Day with you

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