Translating the Ubuntu Manual

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Having an Arabic version of the Ubuntu Manual


There is a clear shortage of help materials available in Arabic for new users. It'd be great to have the Ubuntu Manual available in Arabic so that we have a "go-to" resource we can point the new users to.

Resources Required

Volunteers, Volunteers, Volunteers. Maybe even a single volunteer with enough time in his/her hands and good English-Arabic translation skills can do the job very well.

Interested people

* Mohammed Gamal

* Ahmed Toulan

Anyone else interested is more than welcome to add their name.


All Comments are welcome.

*I think we shouldn't use "old-fashion" Arabic, I mean don't try to translate "terms" instead, u can transliterate it, write the same term phonetics in Arabic, you know, very few people can deal with new mostly-meaningless terms that come out of literal translation!

  • * We can always write the English term beside the Arabic term, until the Arabic term becomes standard.

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