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1. If you're using a CD: Put the Ubuntu CD into the CD/DVD-drive and restart your computer. You should see a welcome screen prompting you to choose your language and giving you the option to install Ubuntu or try it from the CD. If you don't get this menu, read the booting From the CD guide for more information.

2. If you're using a USB drive: Most newer computers can boot from USB. You should see a welcome screen prompting you to choose your language and giving you the option to install Ubuntu or try it from the CD.

If your computer does not automatically do so, you might need to edit the BIOS settings. Restart your computer, and watch for a message telling you which key to press to enter the BIOS setup. It will usually be one of F1, F2, DEL, ESC or F10. Press this key while your computer is booting to edit your BIOS settings.

You need to edit the Boot Order. Depending on your computer, and how your USB key was formatted, you should see an entry for 'removable drive' or 'USB media'. Move this to the top of the list to force the computer to attempt to boot from USB before booting from the hard disk. Save your changes and continue.


3. Prepare to install Ubuntu: We recommend you plug your computer into a power source for this stage. You should also make sure you have enough space on your computer to install Ubuntu. We advise you to stay connected to the Internet so you can get the latest updates while you install Ubuntu. If you're having problems connecting to the Internet, use the menu in the top-right hand corner to select a network.

4. Allocate drive space: Use the checkboxes to choose whether you'd like to Install Ubuntu alongside another operating system, delete your existing operating system and replace it with Ubuntu, or – if you're an advanced user – choose the amount of space you would like to allocate to Ubuntu.

5. Begin the installation: Depending on your previous selections, you can now verify that you have chosen the way in which you would like to install Ubuntu. The installation process will begin when you click the 'Install Now' button.

6.Select your location and click 'Forward' to proceed. If you're unsure of your time zone, type the name of the town you're in and we'll help you find it.

7. Select your preferred keyboard layout.

8.Enter your login and password details.

9. Learn more about Ubuntu while the system installs... Or make a cup of tea!

10. Restart and enjoy Ubuntu!

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