Ubuntu That government is best which governs least Ubuntu


  • Choosing the very first council is really tricky. With no clear vision of who can be elected and who can elect, it's expected to have a council that doesn't represent the community.

First Council Candidates

  • Ubuntu There are two ways to choose council candidates.

    • Choose a group from 3 to 5 of the current members who has been in the group for at least 1 year.
    • Choose a group from current official Ubuntu members in the group.

First Council Responsibilities

  • Ubuntu Approve applicants membership. Getting membership status will give the applicant the right to vote in the next elections and will allow him to nominate himself to become a council member.

    Ubuntu Start a draft to formulate policies for the community. These drafts can be picked up by the next council and completed. Then reviewed by the community for voting.

First Council Termination

  • Ubuntu It will terminated when it's time for elections (start of a new development cycle).


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