• Ubuntu This page lists tasks that should be handled by this step-council. If you think a task should be worked out, please add it here or on the spec page.

    Ubuntu You can always request feedback on any of the tasks listed by sending a message to ubuntu-eg-council@lists.launchpad.net or to team's mailing list ubuntu-eg@lists.ubuntu.com or through the spec on lp or by directly contacting any of the step-council members.

  • Council:
    • Form rules for jumping in and out a stable council.
    • Define stable council's responsibilities.<Suggestion: (1)Constant:track all team's matters, (2)On-Time:solve conflicts, approve process change.>

    • Should mini-locos have council members(at least one?).<Sug: No.>

  • Focus Groups:
    • Decide initial Focus Groups.<SUG: Support, Marketing, Moderators, Organizers, Freedom>

    • Form rules for jumping and out Focus groups.
    • Define responsibilities of each FG.<SUG: General: staying up to date and following-up with matters>

  • Fund:
    • Fund-raising.
    • Banking, fundholding.
  • Mediums:
    • Arrange and set specific use for each communication mean team has for all of our public mediums.
      • FB: Direct link sharing only.
    • Increase team's presence on Arabic-F/LOSS ecosystem in Egypt.
  • Other:
    • Weekly IRC Meetings for step-council?(SUG:Quorum =4/5?).


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