Agenda Items

  • Please add all items you want to discuss.

    Ubuntu Oneiric release Party.

    Ubuntu Localizing Some Global Ubuntu Events/activities.

    Ubuntu Coordination between Arabic teams.

    Ubuntu Team process documentation and communication points.

    Ubuntu S3geeks.

    Ubuntu Reformat Approval application in 5 days.


  • Ahmed Toulan.
  • Islam Alwazery.
  • Omar Mohsen.
  • Anas Emad.
  • Islam Hassan.
  • Mohamed Yosry.
  • Ahmed Refaat.
  • Mahmoud Tantawy.
  • Mohamed Gamal.
  • Ahmed Tohamy.
  • Ahmed Shams


  • Oneiric Release Party - Cairo University:
    • Expected number of attendees 300.
    • iShare team is doing negotiations to book a hall for the event.
    • eventbrite will be used for the registration process. Ticket will be used to distribute prizes.
      • Initiate talks with Master Linux to provide discounts to Linux courses as prizes. Anas + Mohamed Ibrahim.
    • A booth will be created in Cairo university to publicize the event.
    • iShare will be responsible to burn the CDs.
    • iShare will be responsible for all publicity inside Cairo University.
    • Ask AMahdy about logistics for the coffee break.
    • Islam Wazery will create a simple avdert. for the event.
    • Send sessions list to iShare.
    • Need cameras to record sessions.
    • Possibly live stream during the event?
    • Contact sister communities. Ahmed Tohamy.
    • Contact media to cover the event. Ahmed Tohamy.
    • Event banners and logos. Wazery will be responsible for branding.
  • Localizing Some Global Ubuntu Events/activities.
    • Coordinate for sessions. Prepate scripts ...etc. Start a thread on the mailing list.
    • We can start by using already available sessions in Ubuntu global events.
  • Coordination between Arabic teams:
    • Reviving Ubuntu-arabic team. Toulan + Shams + Mohsen.
  • Team process documentation and communication points: Prototype

    • This needs to be detailed documentation of every job we have in the team.
    • Also, detailed description of what we need to prepare for events.
    • Marketing needs to involved in this.
    • Policies to be applied in every situation to save team time.
    • Define communication points with other teams. (Community partner policy)
    • Define stable events dates.
  • S3geeks. A technology community in Upper Egypt.
    • We can create small training event for S3geeks organizers.
    • Provide them with SimplyUbuntu book + other materials.

  • Reformat Approval application in 5 days. Wazery
    • Further points will be discussed in a meeting.


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