Meeting will be at: Nady Elhewar, Mansoura

Agenda Items

  • Handling mailing list issues:
    • Announcements.
    • Top posting and other issues.
  • Ubuntu demo application.


  • Ahmed Toulan.
  • Islam Alwazery.
  • Ahmed Shams.
  • Omar Mohsen.


  • Handling mailing list issues:
    • Add [Announce] to the start of the subject of the email for announcements.
    • Add more filtering to the mailing list because of the last problem with spam.?
    • Rewrite mailing list welcome msg to explain the rules for the mailing list We need to define the rules.
  • Ubuntu demo application:
    • An application that starts on first use that explains all the desktop elements. (Islam Alwazery's idea).
    • Islam will create mockups for this application.


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