Meeting will be on IRC: #ubuntu-eg,

Agenda Items

  • Discuss the progress of Trello tasks, and discuss any obstacles task owners faced.
  • Set future plans and tasks. Discuss organizing future events
  • We also need to discuss the Ubuntu in Technical Schools project that Mahmoud Tantawy was approached for. Let's see what we can offer for it.
  • LoCo team health check.


  • Jonathan Hindi
  • Omar Mohsen
  • Mahmoud Fawzy
  • Ahmed Toulan


  • Updated all tasks on trello. Members have to get back to us with feedback.
  • We discussed the current plans for 13.10 release party. Jonathan is almost done with the communication plan and waiting venue and date to be decided. (Also on trello).
  • Skipped the technical school project because Mahmoud wasn't present.
  • We agreed that we need to document all the events we did or were partners in. Kindly check the health check process.


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