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What is UEG Official/Core Membership?

  • Ubuntu It's a group of the most committed persons to the UbuntuEG's mission.

Who are UEG Official/Core Members?

  • Ubuntu Representatives of UbuntuEG.

    Ubuntu Candidates to UbuntuEG Council.

    Ubuntu Naturally, Most active & enthusiastic members.

Benefits of membership

  • Ubuntu Represent UbuntuEG everywhere.

    Ubuntu email alias.

    Ubuntu Candidate to UbuntuEG council.

    Ubuntu Your blog gets aggregated on the team's planet.

How to Become a UbuntuEG Official/Core Member?

  1. Requirements for Membership:
    • UbuntuEG Members are the most active and committed persons in the wide community.
  2. Procedure for Obtaining Membership:
    • Preparing your Application (Personal Wiki Page, You can use this or that template as sample) listing all of your efforts inside UbuntuEG:

      1. A link to your Launchpad profile
      2. A complete list of your contributions to Ubuntu
      3. Your plans and ideas in the near and far future
    • Code of Conduct
      • Please sign the CoC before getting to the membership meeting.
  3. Get to the Meeting.
    • Add your information to the meeting list, here.

    • Come to the meeting on time (20:00 EET) on #ubuntu-eg on Freenode.


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