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Elbuntu Packages are ready for download and testing! Please read the "Installing" section below


Life isn't fair. Not all distros are created equal. Some are boring, others not as configurable as we want. Then we have Enlightenment, the window manager for the rest of us.

So why not have the eye-candy and configurability of Enlightenment, with the clean and beautiful design of Ubuntu Linux?

Elbuntu is a project aiming towards that goal.


  • Elbuntu packages must be considered beta quality software. As of now, they are neither developed , maintained or supported by the Ubuntu developers or packagers ( MOTU's ).

  • Elbuntu is NOT an official Ubuntu project yet.
  • Elbuntu IS stable enough to considered for beta use.


The objective of the Elbuntu community project is to provide the maximum eye candy for the end-user using the enlightenment window manager and the related libraries.

The initial plan is to provide E17 on a live/install cd (derived from the Ubuntu LiveCD). As a step in making a live cd, E17 packages have been uploaded at http://e17.dunnewind.net. This is a mirror of the enlightenment repository for Ubuntu available at http://edevelop.org/~lut1n. Please read the installing section on how to install E17 in your current Ubuntu installation.

Ebuntu aims to provide an enhanced and attractive user-interface. The secondary aim of Elbuntu is to show off the eye-candy capabilites of the linux operating system in general and Ubuntu in particular

What has been done till now

Quite a lot / not much yet. It depends on your point of view. The package files are ready. It's working for us without any major problems.

We have a mailing list at e17@lists.tuxfamily.org

#elbuntu on irc.freenode.net is our IRC channel now. Please discuss everything there.

Coming soon

  1. http://e17blog.tuxfamily.org : the blog for E17 Ubuntu repository and for Ebuntu.

  2. Our own mailing lists.


The Elbuntu project repository is here:

The E17 packages can be downloaded from this repository. An Elbuntu alpha ISO is also available. Ask us on IRC or mail if you want to help with testing it.

For installation instructions, please keep reading!


For installation of E17 on Elbuntu, just do :

  1. Add this line to your sources.list :
  2. deb http://e17.dunnewind.net/ubuntu gutsy e17

(packages are also available for dapper or edgy)

  1. sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install e17

  2. Hopefully, E17 should be setup on your system

NOTE: The same packages can be used to build an E17 live cd. I am in the process of doing it now.

It will be possible to install Elbuntu to hard drive.

What's Added

  • +Elbuntu has E17 compiled from CVS with generous options.
  • +Enna, an EFL-based HTPC program (beta phase)
  • +All the E17 based software

What's been removed

  • -GNOME Desktop Environment

What we want to do

  • Replace GDM with Entrance
  • (Replace gksudo by empower)
  • Provide a bunch of EFL-based apps for some common tasks (such as cd ripper, pics viewer ...)


  1. The non GUI part , the core and the the X server are EXACTLY the same as Ubuntu 6.10 , thus making it a Ubuntu sister distro
  2. Ebuntu can be "converted" into Ubuntu by a simple "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop". Same holds true for Kubuntu, Edubuntu & Xubuntu.


Logo, Usplash, gdm theme, wallpapers, etc.

REQUIRED: People to help with the artwork and the theming.


You can take a look at (French and english version)



  1. People to help with the artwork and the theming.
  2. Some people who have experience with debian packages
  4. Beta test user

This distro is just starting. Any sort of help is welcome


For some idea or request, please contact e17@lists.tuxfamily.org, maxenced@ubuntu.com (Maxence DUNNEWIND), or fill a bug at https://launchpad.net/elbuntu

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