Hi. My name is Elimelech Berlin. I'm 21 years old, and am residing in Rhode Island (USA). I current attend Thomas Edison State University.

Right now I'm studying C++ in college. I have actually been playing around with different programming languages for years; this has always been my favorite area of computing. This is really why I'm excited about Ubuntu - I think it's the perfect forum for me to develop and contribute my programming skills to the world.

As fast as I find possible, I plan on writing software to fill the needs of the community. Specifically, my interest is in developing software to aide Ubuntu's laptop compatibility. Most immediatly, my focus is on writing software to automate wireless network management as I find the current available options to be sub-par.

In general, besides the development aspect, I hope to aide Ubuntu's laptop compatibility by: 1 - Trying to discover solutions to make all the hardware on my own laptop (Compal CL56 / Zepto Znote 4200) function correctly and documenting my progress, 2 - Offering people suggestions on the forums to help them achieve desired functionally of their own hardware and 3 - Advocating my friends and colleages to try out Ubuntu on their laptops and then passing on the results.

I believe that if we pool our efforts Ubuntu has unbelievable potential and I am eagerly waiting to see future Ubuntu developments.

Contact Info

Feel free to email me: epb613@gmail.com

Some Ubuntu related work I have done


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