Leonard Broman


Things I have issues with currently. Will do something about them sometimes.

  • MultiSync, included but not maintained: This is getting deprecated but there is nothing ready to replace it.

  • A method for picking sun-java as dependency for all java application instead of the bad working gcj.
  • Automatic install of 915resolution for graphics cards requiring it.
  • Split gnome-games into many packages, it's just a clutter right now.
  • Include easy-ubuntu or create something similar!
  • Automatic install of gsynaptics for computers with synaptic touchpad.
  • Set a maintainer requirement cycle, to keep packages up to date and to reconsider maintaining them perhaps.
  • Start writing true change-sets for the update-manager so that users can what will actually change when they update software, especially known big bugs which users are waiting for.
  • Fix the video support. It is very rare that totem-gstreamer (default player!!!) can play media. Actually, ditching totem and using vlc is a wise choice. VLC is even compatible with xgl

Desktop effects issues

  • Unlock screen does not get focus if focus stealing prevention is set to high, this has been fixed. But xgl is still sometime unable to restore the screen when the authentication is successful.
  • Some applications can't get DRI when compiz is running, this is getting better and better!
  • Change the video output (to opengl) for movie players when using compiz. Totem doesnt support this. It works perfect with vlc.

Games I'd like to see included

Dell XPS M1210 hints

  • Packages: 915resolution i8kutils gnome-bluetooth bluez-gnome bluez-utils gsynaptics


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