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 * May 19th : [[|Precise Party]] in Bordeaux  * May 19th : [[|Precise Party]] in Bordeaux.
  • May 2nd : Ubuntu Party in Vire.
  • May 3rd : apéro du libre in Rennes.

  • May 5th : premier samedi du libre (PSL) in Paris. This is a multi-distribution small install fest where around 60 people come to get help configuring and installing their Linux system.

  • May 5th : Ubuntu Party 12.04 in Paris – Organization meeting.
  • May 5th : Ubuntu Party in Orléans.

  • May 8th : atelier libre (PDF presentation) in Brignoles.

  • May 9th : soirée du libre spéciale Ubuntu 12.04 in Dijon.

  • May 12th and 13th : Ubuntu Party (warning : the link will soon be outdated) in Paris. Conferences, workshops, classes, demonstrations, installs. ≈ 120 benevolents, 2 000 visitors, report being written.

  • May 12th : Install Party in Dijon.

  • May 12th : Ubuntu Party in Saint-Seurin-sur-l’Isle.
  • May 19th : Precise Party in Bordeaux.

  • May 20th : Ubuntu Hour in Paris. Organized in the local gracioulsy lent by LQDN, we were around 10 people. Theme : Chinese food.

  • May 25th, 26th and 27th : Papillons de nuit (P2N) music festival in Saint-Laurent-de-Cuves. The Papillons de nuit invited us for the second time to hold a webcafe on Ubuntu for the festival-goers. We didn't put any restriction, neither on which website were accessible, neither on Ubuntu, as we wanted people to discover it.

  • May 29th : Install Party Ubuntu in Schilitgheim.

  • May 31th : Ubuntu Party in Aix-en-Provence.

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