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I am a working student from the Midwestern United States and have been using Ubuntu /Linux since 2010. I joined the Ubuntu Wisconsin Lo Co Team in April 2012. The majority of my of my work experience is commercial electronics manufacturing for a company which provides non consumer completed assemblies.I also have many hobbies and some include mountain biking , fishing , computers, and playing guitar.

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My Ubuntu journey began after I read a review of Ubuntu 9.10 and installed via wubi and then quickly moved to a dual boot system. One day, while visiting Ubuntu Forums I decided to leave the community cafe and start assisting users in support sub-forums which has become an almost daily practice.I wish to continue participating in this way.

Along the way, there has been involvement in beta testing and error reporting with various releases since 9.10. My contributions have been sustained and always well intended. I really enjoy assisting new Ubuntu users as they customize and learn about their new desktops. The goal is provide answers and information about the Ubuntu operating system in general. To write that I have learned through helping others is an understatement and the gain in knowledge and a sense of community have been extremely rewarding !

Future Goals

Future goals include increasing my knowledge of Ubuntu /Linux with the help of Ubuntu community members and documentation.It is my goal to improve my ability to help others within to forum community and beyond. I will continue to learn about the many new desktop environments available to Ubuntu users and assist whenever possible. Continuing to spread Ubuntu awareness in the educational community and beyond is also a goal with current and future releases of the Ubuntu operating system.


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