about me

Location: Klagenfurt, Austria
Job: Sysadmin at the University of Klagenfurt Computer Center
Email: gerald dot hochegger (AT) uni-klu dot ac dot at

I've used many Linux distributions but always endend up compiling or backporting many packages by myself. I'm a Debian user since 2002 and are very pleased with the half year release cycle in Ubuntu, which helps me a lot.

work at ubuntu

searched the net for a fix for an anoying glibc bug affecting highly threaded Java programs

Help with NFSv4 and NFSv4Howto

VServer on Ubuntu

current interests

  • mass deployments of Ubuntu as dual boot option on our University computers
  • User Management with LDAP, Kerberos
  • Samba and LDAP
  • NFSv4 for user home directories

ongoing projects

  • unixDS - Unix Directory Services
    A java server that syncronizes user account properties in LDAP for posixAccounts Samba, Kerberos, ... (generates Samba, Kerberos .. passwords if you change your password)

    • Extendable by sync-plugins that are called on changes in the Ldap tree
    • Import and sync users/groups from an external (master) Ldap server (Novell NDS)
    • pam_unixds library with enhanced authentication and account management

I hope to get a first release out this year.


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