Has been using Linux for a number of years, and recently has been playing around with that "command line stuff" under strict direction of documentation and is an opinionated old cuss.

Finds that Ubuntu is probably the route to go, and bristles at articles that state that Linux is for geeks. There are aspects of it that are geek like, but you don't have to go that route if you don't want to.

Conversely he says to those that feel that there is only the command line that perhaps you ought to download a new copy, get a new graphics card, and enjoy the perspective that most of the world will want to use Linux for and not the perspective you think the world should want to use Linux for.

"Ubuntu bridges Linux to the rest of the world and makes it work. You have a right to be proud of all the things you can do 'under the hood', so to speak. You have a right to brag about how you have fixed up your old jalopy and made it new again or into a hot rod. However, don't ruin the ride in the country with too much detail that you can't enjoy the breeze in your hair and the sun on your face. Life is too short for that."

"Anything I can help with in the way of creating multimedia let me know. There was a life before this one and one of the reasons I know a bit about computers is I was an early adopter. I have run a few computer stores since the invention of the '486, and back when you could look under the skirt of Windows and see its DOS polka dot shorts."

"Any Ubuntu I can offer, I would be glad to help."



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