My name is Hakan Erduman and I'm a freelancing software developer located in Germany. Born in 1969, I earn a living in hardware near, field bus driven development in the automation (not automotive) industry. In my own subjective view, I have reached a profound understanding in C, Gtk+, GCC tool-chain and am ready for lift-off.


I have not yet contributed major things, but I'm developing a media player remote plugin for xubuntu since 2006 or so. I report bugs and provide patches as frequently as my free time budget allows. I recently contributed to exaile and pragha (media players) and plan to adapt lightdm (gdm replacement) for xfce.


Getting rid of closed source development with VB6 and C#, becoming a full time coder / maintainer for xubuntu / xfce, or any other Gtk+ based, non-interpreter open source project. However I'd need a sponsor to do that.

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