Installed Edubuntu Today

We installed Edubuntu today - getting rid of Fedora Core 3 on that machine. The installation was at least as easy as it had been with Fedora (although, less visual). Everything worked great and I can see why Ubuntu is the top-rated distro on DistroWatch. My son, Josh (age 6), is already in love with TuxPaint and the GCompris Suite. He has already animated and played "games" until I finally sent him to bed.

Still in Love, but . . .

We are definitely still enamored with Edubuntu (although only 2 days - hard to tell longterm); and Josh was again very difficult to put to bed; however, I do not see the point in installing the SchoolTools client without having access to the SchoolBell or SchoolTools calendaring. Of course, it asks you for a login which is not your user account. I went to the schooltool.org site and registered to no avail. I realized that I would have to download these programs if I wanted them and since Josh was occupying the computer much of the day, I really did not have the time. I think that Edubuntu would be better served to have both the client and server end packaged with request for root pword to edit events. As there is a distinct home user / student user feel to Edubuntu - this would increase parent involvement and multiple calendars could be set up - not only for the school but for home events as well.

Good Article in Home Education Magazine

There was a good article about using Linux in the most recent (May-June 2006) edition of Home Education magazine. The article can be read at http://www.homeedmag.com/HEM/233/opensource.html Though it does not mention any distros specifically (except for a mini Cephalopod that the author's 16-y-o son has developed); I am sure that anyone who jumps to distrowatch will be sure to find Edubuntu.


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