Hello and welcome to the home page of Hervé Cauwelier.

Mail: hcauwelier(at)oursours(dot)net (but herve(dot)cauwelier(at)free(dot)fr on lists)

Website: http://www.oursours.net/

GPG key id: 0x9969394D

IRC nick on Freenode.net: herve

Who I Am (the big picture)

  • French young man living in Grenoble, France.
  • Software Engineer around Python/Zope technologies.
  • Linux user since 1999.
  • Debian user since 2000.
  • Ubuntu user since October 2004 (guess what event occured!).
  • Amateur software packager and maintainer of Debian packages.

  • Board Member of the French Python Association.

  • Maintainer and main translator of the Zope Book in French (currently dead as long as I don't have the Zope Book 2.7 sources).

  • Contributor of the ikaaro and itools projects (see the "Source archives" section).

  • Give some help on the French translation project Traduc.org.

  • Learning around Web standards and usability, Desktop publishing and graphics.
  • Learning how to play the guitar but that's less easy than computers. Wink ;-)

  • Willing to get my hands in Universe, so here I am!

Ubuntu Involvment

I found the perfect system with Ubuntu: a Debian Sid with a high level of integration and configuration I had not to do. Moreover, Ubuntu combines software i like best: Debian, Gnome, Python... and Canonical works on a GNU Arch implementation (Bazaar).

Moving to Hoary when that branch was open was a good start to help. Obviously, I reported bugs, either on Debian's BTS (an old habit!), or on ubuntu-users. You can look at opened and archived bugs on the BTS from herve(at)oursours(dot)net or debian(at)oursours(dot)net (I can't make so many link with reST, sorry) and messages from herve(dot)cauwelier(at)nospam(dot)free(dot)fr (my correct address is set in Reply-to). You may also find me on ubuntu-users-french. I advocate for Ubuntu when I have the occasion, and I gave away all the Warty CDs I ordered.

Now I have moved in and have a stable job, I have more spare time to offer to Free Software and I think it's time I use my packaging knowledge in practice!

I especially now have the time to read and participate in ubuntu-users and ubuntu-devel, which helps a lot to participate in the whole project! You can find me posting but with my free(dot)fr e-mail address.

MOTU activity

I am a what is a called a Master of the Universe. Namely, I help to keep the universe archive (community-supported packages) in good shape. I am also part of the Python and Zope team. I also get my hands on anything I can help on.

More stars in the Universe

I have packaged software for Debian and Ubuntu I'd like to see them in both. These are:

  • python-itools -- set of coherent modules for content management; also useful for upgrading zope-localizer (see above).
  • zope-ihotfix -- patches to repair and improve Zope.
  • zope-ikaaro -- Content Management Framework as a brand new Zope Application (in the sense of Zope core classes).

Hey! there are people suscribed to my home page! Hi Daniel, how is your thesis going?

But enough of me, what about you? how was the day? Wink ;-)


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