About me

Name: Dennis Hilmar

Location: Aalborg, Denmark

Born: 1984

Occupation: Computer Science at Aalborg University (5th semester)

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Free software enthusiast and Linux user for 7+ years. Ubuntu user from the beginning.

The thing I'm studying are actually more for other components than computers, which is the reason the OpenMoko project is very enticing for me. I'm probably going to be spending lots of time on the resent project I'm working on before joining this team. A second reason being insufficient fonds for purchasing the phone.

Working on

I started a project called Gnome Synchronization Utility this year hoping that it will soon be a part of the Ubuntu package. As the title implies this is an application that synchronizes your files and folders between devices. I focus on keeping the application server independent, which means no and no extra functionalities are required on the receiving machine; only an ssh account. Everything will be transfered through an ssh account on the remote computer. In the future the syncd will be capable of creating a managing Subversion as well.

In general its just an easy-to-use front-end to rsync, that uses gnome-vfs-monitor to automate the process of resyncing when changes are made in files. In the next version (v0.4+) this utility will be split up into 4 different applications:

syncd, which is the core of the application. This will use gnome-vfs-monitor to sync up when changes are made to folders. It will be able to use Subversion to keep all the later versions of the files.

libsyncd will be the complete library to use when accessing syncd from another application.

nautilus-sync, which is the plugin to nautilus for easy access to the syncd.

gnome-sync, which is now just a front end to the syncd.

web-sync, which is the web interface with the syncd. This has not even been planned yet, but is going to happen...

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IRC: hilmar@irc.freenode.org (#ubuntu-dk)

Jabber: [MAILTO] dennis.hilmar@gmail.com

ICQ: 156039475 GPG fingerprint: CB3D D1B7 86BA D835 23D0 4752 B7AA 284E F70E 01AD (Short id: F70E01AD)

E-mail: [MAILTO] dennis.hilmar@gmail.com


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