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Email: <hroo772 AT gmail DOT com>


About Me

I've been an avid computer user since I started at age 5 with a 486 at the time. Since then I have been self teaching myself anything computer related I can get my hands on.

I'm a current college student at CNU studying Computer Science. When taking classes, I have been studing Java as my main focus while at college.

Programming Experience

Sophmore year of High School I took a class on VB6 which was taught from a book from a teacher who pretty much stopped caring. After the first month I took my own pace and ended up finishing the book on my own.

With the VB6 I had picked up from that class and from some learning on my own I was able to write a basic program for Physics class Junior year. The program was an encryption/decryption program based on a simple chaos theory algorithm.

After that year I started self learning .net which turned out to be pretty difficult since I had no experience with object oriented languages. With the .net I picked up, I was able to write a page which emailed a contact form to a specified email address. The other .net based project I tried to do was a testing engine for a Network Administration class I took. That project had me design an page which queried a sql database to fill information on the page.


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