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Clear message

To preserve consistency and reduce conflicts, channels in the #ubuntu/#kubuntu/#edubuntu/#xubuntu/#lubuntu/#ubuntustudio/#ubuntuforums/#gobuntu namespace should be named appropriately. The IRC Council has come up with the following guidelines on channel naming and process in case of conflicts.

The IRC Council governs all channels in the #ubuntu, #kubuntu, #edubuntu, #xubuntu, #lubuntu, #ubuntustudio and #ubuntuforums namespaces.

  • The main user support channels are #ubuntu, #kubuntu, #edubuntu, #xubuntu, #lubuntu #ubuntustudio, #ubuntuforums. Do not create channels with names that appear to be global support channels
  • Team channels such as #ubuntu-artwork or #kubuntu-devel should have a name that describes which team you can find in the channels
  • LoCoTeam channels should be named #ubuntu-XX where XX is the 2 letter code of the country (following ccTLD conventions), and "ubuntu" being optionally replaced with any of the channel namespaces that the IRC council govern ("ubuntu", "kubuntu", "edubuntu", or "xubuntu"). LoCoTeam channels should be administered by the relevant LoCoTeam. If the LoCoTeam is a region team and not a country team, it's channel name should preferably be #ubuntu-XX-YY where XX is the country and YY the region.

  • LoCoTeams are allowed "sub-channels", which are to be named by appending -topic to the LoCoTeam's primary channel (#ubuntu-fr-chat for example). These channels should be administered by the relevant LoCoTeam

  • Don't create two channels for the same team or purpose, this is only confusing
  • Channels in the #ubuntu namespace should be relevant to Ubuntu
  • Other channels in the Ubuntu namespaces will be allowed with permission from the IRC Council

When conflicts occur, the IRC Council will arbitrate between the conflicting parties, taking into account the guidelines above and freenode's channel guidelines.


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