2015 Re Verification Application for Iranian Team (ubuntu-ir)

The Iranian Ubuntu team is a growing Open community of free software, mostly Ubuntu users and one of the biggest opensource communities in Iran and the Middle-east. The Ubuntu Iranian Team plans to grow the local ecosystem of individuals, companies, non-profits and governmental and intergovernmental institutions in Iran working (or wanting to work) with Ubuntu. We're doing that, by organizing and supporting promotional, educational and community activities.

Ubuntu-ir (aka Ubuntu Iranian Team) has been an approved LoCo Team since September 2006 and since then we've held Release Parties and take part in Software Freedom days and many other local events and meetings.

Persian is the main language of IranianTeam and we welcome other persian talking neighbor countries like Afghanistan/Tajikistan using our resources to shape their community.

Key Details

The Teams

Whe have a centralized community that works together in each segment and subteams, which are the following ones:

The Council Team: The Ubuntu Iranian Team Community Council is the group which determines the social policies and structure of the Ubuntu Iranian Team Projects. You may read more info about it here

Documentation Team: This team is responsible for content of our Persian wiki. They write, translate and put together documents that people with poor English knowledge need to start with Ubuntu. We have documents in different levels for beginner to advanced users in our wiki and forums right now.

Forum Moderators Team: This team is responsible for moderating our Persian fast growing forums. Our forums are more popular than other web stuff. You may read more info about it here

The Web Team: This team is responsible to maintain our web stuff. We've redesigned our forums theme and the wiki and planet theme is under active development. You may read more info about it here


Iranian Team has had regular release parties since Ubuntu 7.04 with growing number of users in each party. We started with ~20 people in our first event and the last event had more than 500 audience. Our release parties are big events in size of activities and the people audience. These seminar parties has 2 major parts containing workshops & seminars.

Latest Ubuntu 14.10 release party which was held in Shahid Beheshti Technical University of Tehran had the following workshops/seminars and launch in the end.


  • Ubuntu 0 to 100
  • Security in Ubuntu
  • Developing Java & MySQL application in Ubuntu

  • Setting up an Ubuntu Server plus LAMP stack

Around 500 ppl. attended in these parallel workshop & Ubuntu 0 to 100 was the most crowded one...


  • General talk from Iranian Telecommunication ministry about Open Source
  • Open source world news
  • Cloud Computing & Open Stack

  • Big Data
  • Fun Competition and Thanks to community most active ppl plus 2 tablet give away

Launch & Good bye!

Ministry of Telecommunication, Tehran University ACM team, Khaje Nasir University, Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran Azad University and some companies like Remis & Datak Telecom have been our sponsors since now.

These regular big events need a very good, tight team work and take a lot of time and effort to find sponsors, speakers and manage the whole stuff. We believe our conferences are one of the biggest Ubuntu events in the world and we really hope we can have some one from canonical or Ubuntu community as a guest in near future.

Hopefully we're having more attendees and sponsors each time and this shows we're doing the right job to make individuals know about and use Ubuntu as a free opensource desktop OS.

More info and pics of our Release Parties can be found in our wiki and ubuntu-ir facebook page.

For Ubuntu 13.10 & 12.10 release parties was small coffee shop, free CD/DVD give away size!

Beside events we arrange, there are other events that we support, take part and have seminars in.


  • Improving the organization of the Iranian Team to work more effectively
    • Setting up new teams where needed
    • Improving the coordination within the teams
    • Get more feedback from members
  • Promotion
    • Continue Our regular Release Parties
    • Do better workshops & local jams

    • Presence at more Computer, Mobile events
    • Setting up a shop to sell and spread Ubuntu Mugs, T-Shirts, DVD's &...

    • Continue to have regular events
    • Continue to distribute DVDs
    • Continue to provide best web support
  • Web Site Development
    • We need more development and customization on our web resources since these resources are the key to support and help users.
    • We've finished redesigning/upgrading forums, wiki is under heavy development and will be ready soon then we'll start work on other stuff like ask system

What we need?

  • We need a fully multilingual Wiki and Ask systems hosted and maintained by the Ubuntu Global Community! Although I've asked alot unfortunately the Ubuntu Global Team is careless.
  • Better support from Ubuntu Global Community! They don't have good reportage on loco inside news!
  • Support and Promotional stuff like pens, TShirts, DVDs from Canonical or Ubuntu Global Community

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