I, Ivan Hu, apply for upload rights for package FWTS.


Ivan Hu

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Ivan Hu

Who I am

I am a Canonical employee and currently working as a Hardware Enablement Engineer in the Kernel Team. I have worked on various parts specializing in BIOS architecture, UEFI, ACPI, TPM and platform subsystems in Linux kernel.

I am a maintainer of efi_test kernel driver which provides interfaces to access the UEFI runtime services and also a maintainer of firmware test suite (FWTS).

My Ubuntu story

I started using Ubuntu back in 2012 as a Canonical Hardware Enablement software engineer in kernel team. I've always enjoyed checking the firmware related bugs. I got involved in debugging firmware-related issues and implementing the firmware related functions. I found that there are no UEFI runtime tests which can be used to identify the firmware issues without OS invloved, so I added all the UEFI releated tests in the firmware test suite(FWTS), also created the efi_test kernel driver which helps to access the UEFI runtime services provided by firmware. Recently I pay more attention to a lot of UEFI security related projects, such as UEFI shim and TPM. I believe Security will be important in the next generation.

My involvement

Hardware Enablement in Kernel Team - analysis, debugging, fixing bugs, UEFI + ACPI + BIOS + TPM issues and developing tests. OEM/ODMs projects - analysis, debugging, fixing bugs found by firmware test suite(FWTS) and checkbox, looking at BIOS issues that relate to system certification, implement firmware related functions.

Examples of my work / Things I'm proud of

As mentioned above, firmware test suit(FWTS), I noticed that there are no tests which can identify the firmware issues at the first developing stage without OS involved, I created the whole UEFI related tests in firmware test suit(FWTS) base on UEFI specification. I also created and maintained the efi_test kernel driver which exports the UEFI runtime service interfaces provided by firmware. This driver makes the UEFI runtime servicre tests feasible.

I also created some UEFI applications that helps debugging and meet PC OEM project requirements.

Areas of work

My focus is firmware-related functions and issues. This includes UEFI, ACPI, TPM, secureboot, SMBIOS and firmware update. Another important part is to work with PC vendors and IBVs, suggested various firmware fixes and kernel fixes, also provide the solutions for the project requirements.

I am a maintainer of firmware test suite (FWTS) project. I am responsible for contributing, reviewing patches and release FWTS monthly.

Things I could do better

I'd like to improve my packaging skills. In addition, I could participate and contribute more in other open source projects.

Plans for the future


Looking for the upload permission of fwts package, I can upload and release fwts monthly.

What I like least in Ubuntu

Some platforms which are not certified by Canonical, got awful power consumption and performances.


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Colin Ian King

I've worked with Ivan on the Firmware Test Suite for nearly a decade and I have sponsored 40 uploads that he has prepared on the Firmware Test Suite since 2014. His packaging work has been flawless and I am very confident he will do an excellent job in the package preparation and uploads in the future. Ivan is methodical and has a keen eye for detail, so I'm confident he has the necessary packaging skills for PPU.

Timo Aaltonen

I've sponsored several uploads of FTWS for Ivan over the years, and every upload has been well prepared without any issues in the packaging. He deserves to have PPU rights for this package.


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