About Me

My name is Jacek G.. I am 21 years old and live in Warsaw Poland. I'm Student of WIT in Warsaw. My web page - http://www.jwg.pl contact - wafelj[at]wp.pl


  • Web Development - I work in small company near warsaw. I use PHP, Mysql, xhtml, css,

    School - My main focuses in school are networks.

    Free software - I use Kubuntu (6.06), so i like most of "K" soft Smile :) - amarok, kaffeine, kontact (for rss, and calendar). But also other stuff like firefox (great web browser), thunderbird, mplayer,

    Linux - I've used many distros from RH 5.0 throught some mdk, last of my distros was pclinuxos - quite nice distro, now is kubuntu 6.06, which is best, but i feel lack of some configuration stuff from Pclinuxos. But i still have windows xp he, but only for photoshop and tvcard (pinnacle 310c pctv hybrid) which is not working in linux, and of course some games :).


I use linux on my laptop (hp nx7400), and on home server (not kubuntu - debian)


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