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More information at: [www.minijames.com MiniJames.com] More information at: [http://www.minijames.com MiniJames.com]

This is under construction, it will be finished when its ready.

To Do

  • Finish this wiki page.
    • Spelling Smile :)

    • Find out how I can contribute to Ubuntu specifically and the open source community.
  • Sort out signing the second (updated) version of the Ubuntu CoC
    • Email sent to Mako
  • Organise IRC
  • Fix my PDA with Dapper :/

About Me

  • irc:' ^Spear on irc.freenode.net

    irc:' ^Spear on irc.quakenet.org

    msn: me [at] minijames [dot] [com]

    Background: Living in southern England, (or the land of rain, as described by my French Exchange) I split my time between study, my small business and Katy, my wonderful girlfriend. I am a relatively new Linux User, but with a thirst to learn and contribute to this fantastic distribution.

Currently I am studying for my final year of A Levels. Next year I plan to take a gap year. Any suggestions would be great.

I am friends with [https://wiki.kubuntu.org/PatrickDavies Patrick Davies]

More information at: [http://www.minijames.com MiniJames.com]

Planned Contribution

Possible areas for contribution will be put here shortly.

  • Join the laptop testing team
  • Support for new ubuntu users
  • Community forum help? Once reputation / post count improves Wink ;)


  • A IMB ThinkPad R50e Laptop

  • A HP iPAQ 1945

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