Jani Hintu

Interested to "getting involved" to somehow to this community and at the same time wanna learn more about english.

i'm not so familiar to this coding of Linux.

Red hat 7. and something was my firs I want to learn now this OS. Blink, and i buyed book, try to reade that not my time! no help for me on that book "now its graphical and very easy to use os for everyone"

ok it was like hard enought. then i left on the milk train back to Windows.

Now i have time, and nothing better to do, until i have my papers back if i made trought the first step and then i have to prep for exams that i can educate my self to higher level.. ?? Crossing my fingers i have good feeling about it. Smile :)

I have only maded like (dos boot disks to windows 98. And never have time or interest to go deeper to what is codeing for real.

and i have to learn about this linux/ Unix code from very beging.. but where i have rush..

i gratuated to Multimedia-assistant spring 2009 and worked on different gind of media since 2000

mucik is my hobby and also gind of lifestyle.

Ok there was some information of me. Have to say im more than little confused what is in this ubuntu. =)

Hope i have time to get to know this better, and courage to ask questions when im lost.

cheers -)ən| H-

33 years old.

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