About me

My name is Saša Bodiroža. I'm a student from Belgrade, Serbia. Currently, I am studying at the Department of Computer Sciences, School of Electrical Engineering. My main area of interest is computer architecture and organization.

My first contact with Linux was in 2000. I tried out Red Hat and Debian, but that did not work out quite well. I found out about Ubuntu in February, 2007. Since March, 2007. it's the only system I use on my computer.


While working within Ubuntu community (specifically Mozilla team), I have been using a broad set of tools. I am fairly good with debhelper scripts and I have a basic knowledge of CDBS. I have been using dpatch and quilt for patching. I have a good knowledge of bzr, and basic knowledge of svn.

I have been learning the structure of XUL extensions and how they work. I have learned a bit about JavaScript and XUL while helping out with ubufox extension.

I have a good knowledge of C and C++. I am planning to learn GTK.

Working on

Mozilla team


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