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My name is Jenny Lööw as you might have guessed. I was born in October 1987 and that means I turn 18 later this year. I started to use Linux 2002 when I meet my boyfriend ChristianBjälevik. In the beginning I was using Gentoo and after a while I switched to Debian, but now I'm using only Ubuntu.

I've been translating in Rosetta since that service first appeared and is now a member of Ubuntu Swedish Translators. I'm also one of the contactpersons for the SwedishTeam loco and would like to contribute to the LaptopTestingTeam. Since I'm an art student and a member on DeviantART, I'm thinking of joining Ubuntu ArtTeam.

How do I look?

Ubuntu Active

  • IRC-channels
  • Ubuntu Swedish Translators
  • SwedishTeam (Contact person)

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