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About Me

My name is Joel Pickett and I'm an Ubuntu user/contributor/enthusiast from Australia. I'm 23 years old and have been using Ubuntu since the Intrepid Ibex (late-2008) release. Since then I've tried other distros but I've gradually found that Ubuntu is the distro I like the best. The package set, the community and the general ease of use is what keeps me with Ubuntu along with the fast-moving innovative ecosystem that surrounds it. If you want to get involved with Ubuntu, the powers-that-be have made it easy to contribute so it's straightforward yet rewarding doing work for a project you love.

I'm affiliated with the Ubuntu-AU team (currently approved as a LoCo), helping out with iso-localisation, meetings, events and translations.

Contact Information



sagaci - on,






My Ubuntu Setup

  • Version - Ubuntu 13.04-daily 64-bit
  • Favourite desktop environment - Unity
  • Web browser - Chrome
  • IRC Client - XChat-gnome (the translatable version)
  • Multimedia - mplayer
  • Text editor - Vim


My main contribution has been to the en_AU translation/localisation effort where I have contributed/reviewed ~190,000 strings - or ~50% of the English (Australia) locale (in a nutshell, I've recognised that there's a need to change our colourful dialogues to honour their odour). I have been translating since April 2011 and have taken over the roles of Launchpad and Ubuntu en_AU coordinator since May and September 2011, respectively.

In addition to translating, I've been involved with localising the en_AU experience, drafting this blueprint. I've suggested a set of defaults, created a branch and notified the team of the progress.

I have been involved with bugs on Launchpad, mostly reporting bitesize translation-typo bugs in an effort to help new users learn how to use the Launchpad tools.

I have uploaded a series of screencasts in an effort to explain how to get set up for Ubuntu Development.

Event participation

  • Held a translation jam in the Oneiric cycle, in #ubuntu-au, event details

  • Held a session for the User Days (Natty cycle), titled "Increase your productivity using Guake" - 25th Sept 01:00... presentation slides can be found here.

  • Held a session for the User Days (Oneiric cycle), titled "Ubuntu Equivalent Programs" on 15th January at 00:00. Logs can be found here

  • Organised the Oneiric Release Party in Sydney - 9th October 2011 - event details at:

  • Organised the Precise Release Party in Sydney - 21st April 2012 -

  • Attended an Ubuntu-AU event at the Pancake Manor in Brisbane, QLD - as part of LCA2011... organised by JaredNorris

Minor contributions

  • I have chaired the monthly Ubuntu-AU IRC meetings, in tandem with Joel Addison since June 2011
  • I have advocated and given support for Ubuntu in #ubuntu and #ubuntu-au - mainly entry-level/new-to-Ubuntu support
  • Authored, as part of the Documentation Jam - Oneiric cycle

  • Adapted this poster to fit the Natty cycle

  • Reported bugs on LP

  • My PPA - though very experimental

Future Goals & Projects

  • Maintain en_AU translation
  • Maintain the en_AU/Australian localised Ubuntu ISO
  • Contribute more content to the UbuntuAU Youtube channel (similar content to
  • Become more involved with +1 releases -
    • Get involved with bug triage, fixing larger bugs and answering questions on / AskUbuntu

    • Organise other Ubuntu online events, such as bug jams and #ubuntu-classroom sessions
    • Write/edit documentation
    • Create artwork/wallpaper/free culture showcase examples
    • Actively test development versions, file bugs and participate in blueprints/specs
  • Organise more release parties and Ubuntu events
  • Learn Debian/Ubuntu packaging techniques, work towards becoming a MOTU (much further down the track)
  • Learn how to use Inkscape properly to effectively create decent Ubuntu materials
  • Create an Ubuntu-centric podcast
  • Even my launchpad karma out, get involved with branches, bugs and blueprints - rather than having 99.999% in Rosetta


If you know me and have something nice to say, please leave a comment here.

Joel is a valuable member of the Ubuntu Australia LoCo as well as a talented leader for the enAU l10n team. He has consistently provided support the the Australian LoCo by acting as a team chairperson, contributing to team reports, moderating the mailing list and providing a high level of general interaction with the team. As the enAU l10n team leader he is excelling, his launchpad karma count speaks enough for just how much he personally has done to improve Ubuntu for anyone using the enAU locale -- -- jarednorris 2011-12-13 11:39:16

Joel has been involved in the Ubuntu Australia LoCo team for several years, and has contributed greatly to the team since he joined. He has assisted with various aspects of the online Ubuntu-AU community, such as chairing the monthly Team IRC meetings and running tutorial sessions. He has also organised release parties which proved to be successful. Joel has been particularly passionate about completing the translation of Ubuntu to English (Australian), and has translated over half of the strings for this by himself. By leading the translation efforts, Joel has managed to get Ubuntu 99% translated to Australian English, which is a great benefit to the entire Australian community. Joel is a great role model for others wanting to get involved in the Ubuntu community, and his efforts are very much appreciated. -- joeladdison 2012-01-02 00:17:55

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