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  • I work for OpenSourcery as a Open Source Software Engineer.

  • I moderate for the Ubuntu Forums as the user jdodson.

  • I like to write music using hydrogen and audacity.

  • I dumped Windows forever to use Ubuntu and I never looked back.
  • My GNU/Linux path began using Debian for a brief stint, followed by years of Redhat/Fedora.
  • I am married and my wife really does not mind Ubuntu. She enjoys the community focus.

  • I live in a community house with 5 other roomates and my wife(we rent a room).

Contributions to the Community

  • 1,539+ posts to the Ubuntu forums.
  • Dialogue with users about configuration, setup and Ubuntu maintaing.
  • Spearheaded the Ubuntu Gaming sections(Hoary Gaming), (Warty Gaming).

  • Created a Uber-GNU/Linux compatible games list to help users find games to play natively on Ubuntu. This list has been viewed 41,117+ times and have been used by thousands of Ubuntu users to find enjoyable games to play on Ubuntu.

  • Many people still do not understand how to get 3D working on thier Ubuntu setup. I created This guide to help them.

  • Attempted and resolved some forum conflict amongst users.
  • Wrote a piece titled, What I owe GNU/Linux and submitted it to Ubuntu Traffic issue #21 and it was published.

  • Advocate GNU/Linux, FLOSS and Ubuntu.
  • Donated a Song called 'Lugradio Letters' to the radio show lugradio, it was used in an episode.

Further Plans to Contribute to Community

  • Create a Free Software album with Gnome, Ubuntu and other such inspired songs. I plan to release this within a year in the .ogg format. I plan to release it under a very liberal create commons license.
  • Perhaps do some music for a FLOSS game in development.
  • Video document Open Source confrences and meetings. I will attend an Ubuntu meeting (unfortunately cant make the Australia meeting) and video document it (if i get permission). I will make the video available via the OGG theora format.

Computing History in all its Glory (or lack thereof)

  • Started computing on a VIC 20 my parents bought. It rocked. I played games, and started hacking with code I found in commodore magazines. Thus begineth my computing career.

  • Moved to a Tandy computer. DOS enters picture. DOS was not a terrible OS.
  • Took an Apple Basic class in Junior High. Thus begain my more serious programming days. GWBasic was the language I used to hack on some cheesy text based games.
  • Then my parents ponied up some major cash for a 486SX/25! What a SWEET Machine! We could play mpeg video and it came with a soundcard! Win3.1 sucked though, I liked DOS better. QBasic was my language of choice.
  • **Will finish at a later date.**
  • Graduated George Fox University with my degree in Computer Information Science.
  • Interned at Mentor Graphics.

  • Had a brief stint working for the Xerox Corporation.


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