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Since the dawn of GNU/Linux Ubuntu distribution, the usage of GNU/Linux in Jordan has grown tremendously. Ubuntu is by far the most popular distribution for its usability and wide appeal, as more and more people are using it. Ubuntu is impressive particularly because it remains true to its motto "Linux for human beings."

Golden time for GNU/Linux and Ubuntu in the Kingdom

The Jordanian government's recent initiative, titled "a computer for every citizen," was a great leap forward for the usage of Ubuntu computers. In the end of 2007 and continuing into 2008, the Jordanian government endorsed the initiative along with Jordan Post Company. The initiative provides IBM desktops and laptops powered by Ubuntu for cost-effective selling and to accommodate people's financial situations. So far, around 7,000 computers have been sold with Ubuntu pre-installed, and up to 50,000 computers are set to be out to customers by the end of 2008.

Why you should join Ubuntu Jordan LoCo Team

If you are Jordanian or live in Jordan, and you are interested in spreading the word about GNU/Linux and specifically Ubuntu then you should join us. We are a group of people just like you, and we work together on voluntary basis to raise awareness about Ubuntu in the Kingdom. We provide help to newcomers, we hold installation festivals in campuses across The Kingdom, and we are active in bringing the benefits of open source to the people who may not have heard about them.

If you are active, devoted, and enthusiastic about Ubuntu --we want you.

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