Personal Information

My interest in MOTU

  • My interests in general: I'm interested in computers basically, programming, design, security, cryptography and hacking on every aspect of them. That is finding new and better ways of doing things. Regarding programming I like very much OOP, specialy C++, but I've coded a lot in C too and feel really comfortable with it. Scripting, I usually use Perl, but there have been others.

  • Open source projects in which I participate: my main Open Source project is DrQueue as I am the author. But basically every package I use, if I find a bug or a problem I report it. And if it is blocking for me, I try to patch it and send it to the developers.

  • Packages I'm interested on: of course I'm interested on DrQueue, but I'll gladly take care of others like kismet or any networking tool, or gnome related. As I feel there is a need to improve the desktop and I also want to contribute on that. Also regarding laptops, I'm a laptop user myself and usually work under lots of stress so I usually need things to work good and fast.

  • My availability: I'm currently working as a freelance software engineer (consultant). That means I can distribute my time quite freely, and currently could work for Ubuntu part time or even full time.

My contributions to Open Source

I've been an active member of the open source community since 9 years ago. I started using Debian in it's early beginnings.

I'm the developer of DrQueue, the open source distributed render queue (it has a debian package). I provide help to the open source community through forums, irc (comadreja) or even personally to friends.

My work has been always based on open source products, and now I'm leading a team of r&d developers in a project to build the whole information and computing infrastructure for a robotized parking. Again, we're basing the project on open source products (g++,gtkmm,fltk,umbrello,kdevelop(most),emacs(me) and a lot more).

I have sent bug fixes to several projects, and even coded a kernel module for linux 2.0.x (not distributed on the main kernel).

I've been also helping ubuntu in any way I could. For example I sent a fix for malone #1219, reported #1432, #1377, #1371. I've also helped debugging several others also in bugzilla (for example problems in xserver-xorg i810 driver when playing dvd movies).

I'm also working actively in getting the new release of gcl (2.6.7) to build on breezy with gcc-4.0 as current version (2.6.6) fails. I patched the C side problems but there were other Lisp related ones. This last gcl problem with has been solved today by disabling optimization. Package sent to revu ( This issue also solves several related broken packages.

Also solved a minor problem in clanlib ( prevented some libraries to be installed.

I uploaded kismet package (upstream 2005.06.R1) for review and has been accepted recently (

I sent fixes to drqueue Debian package directly to upstream maintainer including a new upstream (comming from me as developer) version. Has not been uploaded yet by him.

I'm also an active member in #ubuntu-motu, #ubuntu-devel and #ubuntu-es.

I'm relatively new to Ubuntu, but I'm really amazed about the work that has been done. I'd like to keep on contributing with my time and knowledge to this amazing project.

What I can do

I can code proficiently in C and C++, solve bugs, or maintain packages. I will also test and provide feedback reporting bugs.

I'm an active member of the ubuntu community, and so I'm willing to use (happily) some (most) of my spare time on it. I really enjoy doing what I do.

What I've been unable to do

I couldn't make my wife use linux, despite my most sincere efforts. Smile :)



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