I am a software developer from San Diego, CA working professionally building web applications in "Active Server Pages" and Microsoft SQL Server. I am a longtime user of Linux starting out with the early Red Hat Linux builds, and then moving onto Fedora Core and finally I am just starting to learn Ubuntu Linux.

While I don't have much experience writing GUI or command-line applications using C, I am starting to learn a little bit right now and hope to develop some useful programs. In the past I developed an entire website running Mason on top of mod_perl with a MySQL database backend. Nowadays, most of my websites are written in ASP. Personally, I have made the transition to PHP and have found it very useful for most web applications.

I am currently using Linux to run some servers which host e-mail (qmail/vpopmail) and web sites (Apache 2.0) I have found Linux to be a very stable platform for running a hosting business and will continue to use it in the future. I hope that Linux can make some "inroads" towards ease-of-use and quality applications which will make the platform more attractive to everyone.


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