Ken Minardo

I've been on kubuntu since breezy (11/24/05) hard drive crashed on my T20 IBM Thinkpad, after that, I didn't have a windows disk, nor the money to spend on one, so went ahead and took the dive into linux.

While I'm not the greatest at software programming, I do know HTML, Javascript, CSS, some PHP and am studying Python.


At this point in time, I am writing what I can for the DocumentationTeam/KubuntuDesktopGuide

I maintain the "Atlantik" package for klik. More information avalible here:

I try my best to help people in the IRC Channel #Kubuntu (on I can usually be found there and #kubuntu-offtopic. I go by the name "Snake"


11/24/05 -- Kubuntu Breezy Badger installed. First thoughts: What have I gotten myself into Smile :)

02/07/06 -- Recruited into DocumentationTeam/KubuntuDesktopGuide

02/19/06 -- Picked up maintainership of Atlantik -- Klik

Total People I've Converted to (K)Ubuntu


Contact me

Email: <>

AIM: Snakedal337


I'm always available, and will always do what I can, where I can.


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