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Git is the new SCM used by the Linux kernel developers. Ubuntu has adopted this tool for our own Linux kernel source code so that we can interact better with the community and the other kernel developers.

Getting GIT

To obtain the git binaries, please go to [] and download the latest source. Folow the build instructions included, and make sure to install them in a location in your PATH.

Getting the Ubuntu Linux kernel repo

The Ubuntu Linux kernel git repository is located at rsync:// To download a local copy of the repo, use this command:

  git clone rsync:// ubuntu-2.6

This will take some time depending on your connection. There's around 110Megs of data to download currently (and this always increases).

Once this is complete, you can keep your tree up-to-date by running this command:

  git pull

Pushing changes to the main repo

Since the main repo is not publicly writable, the primary means for sending patches to the kernel team is using "git-format-patch". The output from this command can then be sent to the [ kernel-team] mailing list.

More information

Please read the documentation included with the git source for more details on git commands.