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Kernel Team

The Kernel Team aims to provide the best kernel for Ubuntu by maintaining a high-quality, consistent package across the supported and unsupported arches.


The leader of the kernel team is Fabio M. Di Nitto.

The Linux kernel in Ubuntu has, until this point, been primarily maintained by a series of different individuals. As Ubuntu takes on more architectures and more users, it needs a solid team to help maintain this essential piece of infrastructure.

Discussion for the team currently occurs on the [ kernel-team] list.

Kernel team meetings

The next meeting is scheduled for 22 March, 2000UTC

Kernel team resources

Tasks of the kernel team
TODO list
Policies and procedures of the team

Kernel team news

Fabio is back!
While Fabio is away, the kernel team is handled by Lamont JONES, Chuck SHORT and Thibaut VARENE.

Kernel team hot issues

  • Kernel team is enterring 'freeze mode' before Preview release.
  • The kernel team is preparing first 2.6.11 packages for Hoary+1.

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