Kevin Elaerts

Personal Information

Name: Kevin Elaerts

Lives in: Rotselaar(a small village near Leuven, also the site off Rock Werchter lies here)


  • Dutch natively
  • French basic in everything
  • English advanced knowledge
  • German basic knowledge

Nationality: Belgian(Flemish)

Hobbies: Listening to music, playing tabletennis in a club in Werchter, picking up some programming

Ubuntu History

I first tried out my first steps in Ubuntu with the Breezy release, but due to some stupid error on my side it ended in desaster.

Later when I worked a time in Fedora Core, I wanted something more userfriendly and again went looking for Ubuntu, which was now in it's LTS Dapper release. The ease in which it got installed compared to Breezy made me sold for Ubuntu.

Not that much later I started to get involved in the Dutch Ubuntuforum at [] It was there that I learned Bartek and not much later started to get involved with the promotion off Ubuntu on computerfairs, which I have done very happely and felt quiet rewarding.

Nowadays I still am a steady contributor off assistance on the Dutch Ubuntu forums.

Ubuntu Contributions

My contributions to Ubuntu as off this moment are very limited. I have helped with promoting Ubuntu on 2 occasions on the Hasselt computerfairs(and did so with a big smile on my face).

The other part off my engagement for Ubuntu is prooved in my postcount on the Dutch Ubuntu forums, where I am always willing to lend people a helping hand to get them up and running with there problems.

As you can see my list off contributions is by far large, but I hope to get to the point in which I can change this, for I really like Ubuntu and enjoy working with it, and want to help getting it to become bigger in the future.

(If I missed something feel free to add it.)


(Not that I will get many, but feel free to leave one if you really want to.)


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