I'm a Student of Information Technology at the University College of Bergen.

My programming skills are currently very limited, but I do have some experience with C, C++, QT, Bash-scripting and Java. Additionaly I am working on my LPI certification (got to set a date for finishing this one soon).

I've been an exclusive Linux user since 2001, about a year after I discovered Linux. The first contact I had with Linux was when I purchased a RedHat 7 Bible. Suddently I had this great system that I had no clue of how to use, suddently computers were way much more than a poor games console. As I said, I started out using RedHat, then moved to Mandriva for several years, switched to SuSE in 2004, and now all my three computers are running Ubuntu as their main OS.

My Computers

Lenovo T61, the newest addition

Feisty Fawn Desktop, Ubuntu / Kubuntu Desktop

Works: -Powermanagement -CPU freq. scaling

Works with some effort: -Nvidia Graphics -Sound -Fingerprint reader -Wireless - I'm using ndiswrapper, the proper drivers are rumoured to be unstable, so are the ndiswrapper ones, but...

Works partially: -Suspend2ram - X becomes slow upon wakeing

Does not work: -Optical drive - does not worl while using AHCI-sata mode

Not tested: -HD protection -Hibernate -PCMCIA -PC Express card -Modem

Toshiba M200, my former main computer

Feisty Fawn Desktop, Kubuntu Desktop

Works: -Nvidia Graphics -Sound -CPU freq. scaling -Tablet - IIRC it's even set correctly with the ForceDevice option -Suspend2ram -Wireless

Does not work: -SD-card slot

Not tested: -Modem

Shuttle Sk41G, The freebie server

Dapper Drake Server, Headless / Xubuntu Desktop

Works: -Sound -Powermanagement -Suspend2ram

Works Partially: -ATI Graphics - opengl errors -S3 onboard graphics - no 3d support


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