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Who I am

I'm kklimonda - really, what I do outside of the Ubuntu project has nothing to do with my Ubuntu involvement (which is unfortunate) so I'm not sure what to write here. 25 years old, living in Warsaw, Poland. That's it folks, move along.

My Ubuntu story

First Ubuntu I've installed was 5.04 (or maybe it was 4.10? I can't remember). I've tested various distributions till then, even other operating systems but always ended up with Ubuntu. So I've decided to stay and make it a better piece of software.

My involvement


Apart from my work on Transmission I'm focused on a range of various packages in various package sets. Almost all packages I touch are affecting me in some way - I update something when I need it to or fix bugs when I encounter them.

Right now the three packages I'm explicitly focused on are python-django, hamster-applet and shutter.

Other than that I touch random packages when people ask for it on #ubuntu-motu or ubuntu-devel-discuss list.

I've created a gnomemm launchpad group that is going to take some burden off the Ubuntu Desktop team in regards of working on the Gtk+mm stack - we are going to migrate all packaging branches related to the mm stack from ~ubuntu-desktop to this group and work with upstream to keep it in shape.

I'm also part of the pkg-gnome Debian team.

Examples of my work


580447 580440 580435 580255 576916 575879 478610 450747 414501 417043 413658 411913 406517 405569 377180 377178 376271 373463 369495


660787 629609 629495 508225 426335 411891 411662 407898 405569


580435 375000


591873 629609 574435


663560 663485

Archive janitoring


New packages


Things I could do better

Keep focused, the fact that I have a safe net (a person who have to ack my uploads) make me work too fast and make stupid bugs (in the past my worst offense have been not changing Maintainer field, nowadays it's missing some dep-3 headers like Forwarded)

Plans for the future


I'm planning on getting Pyramid framework (which is a merge of repoze.bfg and pylons) into Ubuntu and Debian.

What I like least in Ubuntu

I don't know - I have a feeling that there is too much focus on a sponsorship list as a goal and not a mean to an end. I have had few cases when people were fast to either unsubscribe sponsors from the list without first asking why are they actually subscribed (my fault, I should add a comment why have I subscribed them but then one could at least see that I'm part of ~ubuntu-dev and so my action may have made some sense) or blindly asking for a debdiff to the request for a no-change rebuild.

While I agree that sponsorships are vital to the project and the sponsorship list is important tool, I'd rather see more "humane" approach, especially to new contributors. As long as we have to maintain over 10,000 packages (or is it over 15,000?) we have to make the process more forgiving and more appealing to new maintainers.


If you'd like to comment, but are not the applicant or a sponsor, do it here. Don't forget to sign with @SIG@.


As a sponsor, just copy the template below, fill it out and add it to this section.


General feedback

I think Krzysztof is definitely ready to be MOTU and I have pushed him along to apply. I have uploaded at least two of his packages. The ones I recall were not trivial and required both good understanding of packaging and programming. I do trust him to upload or ask questions if he's not sure. He is well integrated into the MOTU team and a pleasure to work with.

Specific Experiences of working together

In addition to package sponsoring, I've worked with him on what turned out to be more complex questions. The gnomemm team may be my fault. At UDS I asked him to help me out. I needed to get python-visual rebuilt against boost1.42 so boost1.40 could be removed (it was the last package) and it was stuck looking for a .la file that was no longer provided. I thought I was asking Krzysztof for something simple (since he seemed to know about Gnome packages and I don't) to see about a few package rebuilds to we could get rid of the .la file reference. It turned out that the entire Gtk+mm stack needed new versions packaged and some non-trivial packaging changes. He kept at it and got it done. This kind of sticking to a complex problem, solving it, and then making sure the solution is maintainable is something we definitely could use more of.

Areas of Improvement

Sometimes I think that perhaps Krzysztof lacks confidence and is more careful than he really needs to be. I'm sure this will come in time.

Artur Rona

General feedback

Krzysztof is very involved in Polish LoCo. I have sponsored only a few uploads for him but I can promote him via my both hands. He has very good knowledge despite he has not done much uploads but this is good example for less quantity, more quality. I knew Krzysztof is familiar with Gnome-related stuff so I asked him to have a look on 2 bugs and he just fixed it! No cherry-pick or something, just prepare a fix! I was amazed. Krzysztof does not have problems with packaging, he is familiar with debdiffs, bzr and policy. Krzysztof is wise, always open for discussion and help and what the most important - responsible. I am pretty sure Krzysztof will not upload package without checking, testing and making sure that everything is OK. This is a very good application. Krzysztof is good asset for MOTU.

Specific Experiences of working together

















Unwanted changes in branch.









Target UNRELEASED instead natty.

Areas of Improvement

For merges with Debian better way is debdiff instead bzr. If you are handling with branches lp:ubuntu/foo please do not use target UNRELEASED, it does not make sense. UNRELEASED is used for Vcs-* fields like Debian git or ~ubuntu-desktop related branches. Do not be afraid for say to Ubuntu development world what is wrong, point bottlenecks and show administrators better way. Smile :-)

Stefano Rivera

General feedback

I have sponsored a couple of uploads for Krzysztof and dealt with him quite a lot on IRC. His work is technically very good, the uploads I sponsored were in perfect shape. I can't believe he isn't a MOTU yet :P

Specific Experiences of working together


  • upgrade: 3

  • sru: 2

  • Total Sponsorships: 4

Areas of Improvement

Nothing I can think of.


=== General feedback ===
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=== Specific Experiences of working together ===
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=== Areas of Improvement ===

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